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(Opening Theme)

--Ryan is walking on the sidewalk talking to his mirror--

Ryan : Nice! Ryan 's having a good hair day! But then, aren't they all-Ooh!

--Ryan bumps into Ken as Ken is walking out of a door--

Ryan : Watch where you're going man! Well well, what are you shopping for? A personality?

Ken : Actually, I'm here for Barbie . Tomorrow's the big day! And I want it to be super special!

Ryan : Big day?

--As Ryan is walking there is a plethora of Valentine's Day decorations--

Ryan : Could it be... -A Cupid arrow with a suction cup attached to it hits Ryan's head- Valentine's Day!

Ryan (on couch): This is my big chance! I cut Ken off at the knees by blitzing Barbie with great gifts and tons of Ryan charm, then she kicks him to the curb and Barbie and me are a red hot item.

--Ken is buying a bouquet of flowers with his giant credit card--

Ken: These'll be perfect for Barbie.

--Ryan is hiding underneath the table while wearing a flower pot on his head as a disguise--

Ryan: Pphhh! Yeah right!

(Fantasy Sequence)

Ken: Got you some pertty flowers Barbie.

Barbie: What'd you do? Pick 'em out of a land fill? -throws the flowers at Ken's face- I wonder what that hunksicle, Ryan's up to.

(End of fantasy sequence)

Ryan: Ah! I'm looking for something guaranteed to wow a girl and make her dump her dopey boyfriend.

Sales Lady: I need a number 32!

--Ken buys a box of chocolates from a store--

Ryan: Chocolates?

(Fantasy Sequence)

--Barbie and Ken are sitting on a bench as Barbie is checking her hair in her compact mirror--

Ken: Life's like a box of chocolates.

Barbie: No, your face is like a box of chocolates.

--Ken opens a heart-shaped box of chocolates for Barbie and she commences to throwing that box of chocolates in Ken's face--

(End of fantasy sequence)

Ryan: Haha! Do you do custom orders?

--Ken is looking for a Valentine's Day card that's just right for Barbie while Ryan is hiding behind the shelves with the cards on them--

Ken: Gee! None of these are right.

(Fantasy sequence)

--Barbie and Ryan are beside the fire place as Barbie is reading Ryan's card--

Barbie: Oh! Ryan! -winks-

Ryan: Uh,uh! This fantasy sequence is too good to share!

(End of fantasy sequence)

--Ken rings the doorbell and Barbie opens the door--

Ken: Happy Valentine's Day Bar-

Ryan: Hold it! Those aren't flowers! These are flowers!

--Ryan brings in an arch of roses and hangs them around Barbie's neck, which causes her to fall--

Barbie: Thanks Ryan!

--Barbie gets up very dizzily--

Ryan: And that candy . . . really cheaped out didn't you Kenny-boy?

--Ryan brings out a life-sized statue in his likeness made out of chocolate--

Ryan: Mmm-hmm, that hair looks yummy, huh?

Barbie: Uh, probably not a good idea to leave that yummy hair out in the Malibu sun.

--Ryan's chocolate melts into a puddle--

Ryan: What ever! Check out my card!

Ryan (card singing): Hey Barbie, you won the jackpot -loses control-

Ryan: Lousy, cheap sound chips!

--Ryan punches his card, it falls to the ground, smoke starts emanating from it, and he screams while stomping on it--

Ryan: So was that the best Valentine's Day ever or what?

--Barbie smiles--

Ken: Wow Ryan. You really went all out. Kinda puts the stuff I got to shame.

Ryan: You said it, I didn't. Although I was about to.

Barbie: Ken, I'd love to see what you got me!

Ken: They're not much but...

--Ken shows Barbie the flowers he got for her--

Barbie: -gasps- They're lovely!

--Ryan slips off the pillar he is leaning against and falls down in shock--

Ken: And these are the chocolates you've liked since you were a little girl.

--Ryan looks at the chocolates Ken bought for Barbie--

Barbie: Ken, I can't believe you remembered!

Ken: And there's this . . . -gives Barbie the card he made for her- Made it myself.

Barbie: "Dear Barbie, you'll always be my girl. Love, Ken." Yes I will! Oh Ken! You're the best boyfriend I could ask for! Happy Valentine's Day.

--Ryan rolls his eyes as Barbie reads the card that Ken gave her before and then he faints out of shock--

Ryan: -as he gets up- Okay, this is totally different from my fantasy sequences.

Raquelle: Mine too.

--Raquelle had gifts for Ken very similar to Ryan's gifts for Barbie, but Raquelle ends up throwing the arch of roses and taking a bite out of the chocolate statue of herself before getting hit by a Cupid arrow with a suction cup attached to it--

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