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(Opening Theme)
In the Dreamhouse Living Room

Barbie: Nope! No way! Never!

Barbie throws magazines

Skipper: What's up?
Barbie: Guys, Ken always gives me the perfect gift, just once. I want to do something special for him for our anniversary.

On the confessional couch

Barbie (on couch): Which anniversary? Honestly, I can't remember. We seem to have a different one each week.

In the Dreamhouse Living Room

Chelsea: What about a tiara?
Stacie: Chelsea, Ken's a boy!
Chelsea: What about a blue tiara?
Skipper: Chelsea, please. Boys are into action movies, video games, and cars.
Barbie: (gasps) That's it!

Barbie opens a magazine. A golden glow radiates outward from it

Stacie: Is that what I think it is?
Chelsea: It's beautiful!

[Chelsea knocks on Ken's door]

Chelsea: Ken! Ken! It's an emergency!

Ken: [takes the door off of the hinges] Chelsea! What is it?

Chelsea: I wanna play a game, but nobody will play with me. Will yooou? [making adorable sad eyes]

Ken: Awww, I'd be delighted. Come on in. [Ken has also put the door back when he said he'd be delighted]

[Chelsea walks in showing a thumbs up towards Barbie and her two other sisters]

[Barbie, Stacie, and Skipper go into Ken's garage]

Skipper: It's cool [voice tone saying "kind of okay, but it's not that great, and could be better"]

Stacie: But it can be cooler.

[Chelsea moves her chess piece and wins the whole game checkers]

Ken: Again!

Chelsea: Twenty-six games in a row. Ya know, give or take.

Ken: Did you hear that?

Chelsea: Ummm, how about we try chess? Backgammon? Poker?

Ken: Poker? [He is excited]

[Meanwhile, Skipper is spinning some tunes in Ken's car, then she jumps out]

Skipper: Blue is so last season, how about.. kelly green?! [N/A Note: 'Kelly green' is a phrase slang in the English language for 'neon green']

[Skipper splashes the paint onto the car]

Stacie: Racing stripes would make Ken's wheels standout in a crowd.

Skipper: Flames are so much cooler.

Stacie: If by "cooler", you mean lamer. How ’bout a dragon? [Stacie puts the dragon onto the car] Now that would be cool!

Ken: Are you sure this is your first time playing poker, Chelsea?

Chelsea: Absolutely -- Next hand, out of fifty hold ’em, aces high, nothing wild!

Chelsea: (in the poker form, dressed as a typical poker-player with shades/sunglasses, and tennis hat, in almost on couch mode, but different) Wild cards are for preschoolers.

[Skipper installs a TV onto the car, Stacie walks by while rolling a tire, and Barbie opens a case]

Barbie: Ah, Ken is gonna LOVE this!

Ken: Again!

Ken/Chelsea: One, two, three!

Ken: Again!

Ken/Chelsea: One, two, three!

Ken: Come on! [Meanwhile it can be seen in the background that Chelsea has already won all Ken's stuff]

[Epic music playing]

Ken/Chelsea: 1, 2, 3!

Ken: Aggggghhhhhh!!!

[Electric noises and car revving]

Ken: You sure you didn't hear that?

[A piece of the roof falls onto the table]

Chelsea: Hear what?

[Ken and Chelsea go into the garage]

Ken: Nu-

Skipper/Stacie: It's Stacie's fault!/It's Skipper's fault!

Ken: I can't believe it. It's the most amazing thing I've ever seeEEEEEE! Is that what I think it is? A one of a kind, limited edition, golden SCHLOND POOFA?! You're the best, babe!

Barbie: No, you are.

Ken: No, you are!

Barbie: No, you are!

Barbie/Ken: Nooooo-

[Skipper pushes them away]

Skipper: You both are. Can we go for a spin?

Ken: Let's ride!

Ken [in car]: What does this button do?

[Ken presses the button and it accelerates the car before getting stuck in the garage entrance]

[Schlond Poofa falls off]

Ken: That darn golden Schlond Poofa!

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