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In the Dreamhouse Foyer

Barbie: We've got three more scenes to shoot, and my new movie's finished!
Ken: And the premiere's at six, right?
Barbie: (Gasps) Oh no! The premiere party! I forgot all about it!
Raquelle: Hi, Babs. Just returning this can of glitter I borrowed.

Ken presses the top of the can, revealing it to be practically empty. Ken shakes his head.

Barbie: Say, Raquelle? You're awesome at throwing parties!
Raquelle: Obvi!

Barbie: Will you throw my party?

On the confessional couch
Raquelle is shown considering the offer, and then smirks

In the Dreamhouse Foyer

Raquelle: Anything for you Barbie! Anything.
Barbie: Thanks Raquelle! You're the best! Isn't she the best?

Ken shakes his head

In the Dreamhouse Garage

Raquelle: (chuckles) Barbie's gonna love this limo I rented for the premiere, but it may have teensy little problem with the door falling off! (Pulls out a wrench)

Ken is shown with his eyes covered by Barbie's hands

Barbie: Now, open your eyes! (takes her hands off of Ken's eyes)
Ken: (gasps) I'm flying!

The boat Barbie and Ken are on crash into a giant sherbet container, and Ken falls off the boat

Outside the theater
Raquelle pulls aside the carpet and opens up a manhole

Raquelle: Yuck! When Barbie falls in this, she'll stink! As much as her movie! (cackles)

Barbie and Ken are shown acting out a dancing scene
Ken begins to run towards Barbie

Ken: Catch me, catch me, catch me!

Barbie catches Ken

Director: Cut!

Barbie struggles to hold Ken and they both fall

At The Pool at the Raquelle Mansion
Raquelle puts a dark substance in a camera and cackles
Raquelle calls Ryan, and a split-screen occurs between the two of them. Ryan is in his hot tub at The Ryan Mansion

Ryan: Hey.
Raquelle: How would you like to be official photographer for Barbie's big premiere tonight?

Ryan hops over to Raquelle's side of the screen

Ryan: Are you kidding? Anything to be near Barbie! She's so pretty and the camera—
Raquelle: (covers Ryan's mouth with her hand) Be there at six! Take lots of close-ups!

Raquelle shoves Ryan out the door and slams it

Barbie and Ken are flying through space

Ken (thinking): Can you read my mind? I don't know who you are. Just a friend from another star.
Director: Cut! Okay, that's a wrap, people!

The sky is revealed to be a green screen, and everything is put away. Barbie walks off and Ken is left hanging from a rope

Ken: Hello?

Barbie and Raquelle are riding in a long stretch limo

Barbie: We're almost at the theater. I can't wait!
Raquelle: Oh! Me neither! Me neither.
Barbie: And Raquelle, your doing all this means so much to me! Your a true friend!
Raquelle: I-I don't know what to say.

The limo arrives at the theater

Photographers: Barbie! Over here!

On the confessional couch, on the limo
Raquelle bites her fingernails and looks nervous

Raquelle: No! I can't!

Outside the limo
Barbie is about to get out of the limo

Raquelle: Allow me!

Raquelle gets out of her side of the limo and runs around the front of it. Raquelle reaches Barbie's door, panting, and opens Barbie's door. Raquelle is surprised it didn't fall, and wiggles it back and forth. It then falls on her foot.

Raquelle: Owww!

Barbie walks towards the red carpet

Raquelle: Barbie! Let me!

Raquelle gets rolled into the carpet and falls into the manhole

Barbie: Raquelle! Are you okay?

Ken helps Raquelle out of the manhole

Raquelle: Me? Oh, fine.
Photographers: Big smile now! Big smile!
Ryan: Barbie! Barbie! Right here!

Raquelle dives in front of the camera in slow motion

Raquelle (slow motion): No!

Ryan takes the picture and brown liquid squirts over Raquelle, and she licks it off her mouth

At the Dreamhouse Foyer
Everyone is enjoying the party

In The Barbie Bathroom
Raquelle, in multiple casts and a wheelchair, sprays herself with perfume

Barbie: Thank you Raquelle! This evening was off the hook!
Raquelle: Yeah, everything went exactly the way I... planned.

Barbie hugs Raquelle

At the Dreamhouse Foyer

Ken: And here's the awesome cake Raquelle ordered!

In The Barbie Bathroom

Raquelle: The cake!

In the Dreamhouse Foyer
Barbie almost cuts the cake, but Raquelle stops her

Raquelle: No! Let me!

Raquelle cuts the cake

Outside The Barbie Dreamhouse
The frosting explodes, causing the roof to bounce up and fall back down

In the Dreamhouse Foyer
Raquelle is covered in frosting

Ken: Wow! That was spectacular!
Barbie: You really know how to entertain, Raquelle!

Crowd applauds Raquelle
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