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Rhapsody in Buttercream
Season 1, Episode 4
Episode 4 Overall
Upload Date May 18, 2012
Synopsis Barbie is out to prove to Teresa that she's not a klutz in the kitchen.
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Rhapsody in Buttercream is the fourth episode of the first season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Barbie sets out to prove to Teresa that she's not a complete klutz when it comes to baking.


Barbie wants to prove Teresa that she is not a klutz in the kitchen. She makes some cupcakes till Chelsea and Stacie comes and eat all the cupcakes. Stressed Barbie begins to sad till the Ken comes remined her that her that Ken gifted her a cupcake maker. Barbie take out that cupcake maker and Ken starts which ends in making of a large size cupcake and Chelsea jumps on it. Ken minimize the handle and on the machine. When the machine doesn't stop working Barbie reminds that there isn't a stop button in the machine. Stacie informs that Teresa is coming. Barbie and Ken clear all the mess and decorate the cupcakes. Teresa comes and ask there isn't any disaster caused here. But all the cupcakes come out Teresa wins the bet.

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  • When Ken goes over to talk to Barbie and Barbie says that she is "frazzled", the top of her dress is suddenly a paler, duller, and grayer shade of pink, which is faded, due to a color-based computer-animation error.
  • The Little Miss Cupcake-elator is used. The Little Miss Cupcake-alator was previously used as the right arm of the Tennis-Playing Robot that Ken constructed in Happy Birthday Chelsea.

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