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In the Dreamhouse Kitchen

Barbie: Hmm...

Barbie puts down a mixing bowl

Stacie: Cupcakes... and they're gonna be huge!
Barbie: They're for Teresa. She's always saying I'm a klutz in the kitchen, so I bet her a pedicure I could do this.
Chelsea: Can we help? Can we, can we?
Barbie: Well, you guys aren't exactly great cooks either. Remember spaghetti night?

A flashback occurs of Chelsea and Stacie in the Dreamhouse Kitchen, covered in tomatoes

Stacie: We won't mess up this time, promise!

Barbie puts down a plate of cupcakes, and Chelsea and Stacie eat them while Barbie's back is turned

Barbie: Wha—? Did you guys—!

Ken enters, wearing a suit

Ken: Hey doll! How's Malibu's most fabulous girl?
Barbie: Frazzled. I'm gonna be trimming Teresa's tootsies if I don't come up with some cupcakes, pronto!
Ken: Not to worry. I'm all over it!

Ken goes to the Dreamhouse Garage

In The Barbie Dreamhouse Confessional

Barbie: Isn't he the best boyfriend ever? He's so—

Ken holds out a note card for Barbie to read

Barbie: Chilvarous. Thanks, Ken.

In the Dreamhouse Kitchen
Ken builds a new kitchen gadget

Ken: Ta-da!
Barbie: A toaster?
Ken: It only looks like a toaster. It's actually a fully automated cupcake maker!

Ken pushes down a lever and the gadget shoots icing onto a photo of Barbie, Stacie, and Chelsea

Stacie: Ooh, icing!
Ken: Hm. A little light on the cake?

Ken twists a dial and the gadget and a large cupcake comes out of it

Chelsea: Woohoo!

Chelsea starts to bounce on the giant cupcake

Ken: Maybe a little too much cake.
Barbie: I really don't want to lose this bet. Last time was bad enough.

In The Barbie Bedroom
Barbie is polishing Teresa's feet

Teresa: That's it, Barbie! Polish those heels! Make them shine, shine!

In the Dreamhouse Kitchen

Barbie: Ugh. Hey, I have the perfect thing for this! It's here behind the waffle iron, the fondue pot, and the olive stuffer. You know, all those gifts you get but never use?

On the confessional couch

Ken: Haha, I wouldn't want to be the guy who got her all those lame gifts...

In the Dreamhouse Kitchen

Barbie: Ah-ha! The little miss cupcake-alator!
Ken: How could you forget that? I can't believe you've never used such a great gift.
Barbie: Actually, I did use it once, but there was something weird about it...
Stacie: Barbie, Teresa just called! She's on her way! We need cupcakes, stat!

Barbie pushes a button on the cupcake-alator and it shoots out three piles of cupcakes

Barbie: Okay, that's enough.

The cupcake-elator continues shooting out cupcakes

Barbie: Ken, I said enough! Turn it off!
Ken: Where's the off switch?
Barbie: Now I remember. There is no off switch!

Stacie hits cupcakes with a tennis racket, Chelsea catches them in her mouth, and Ken runs away but trips over the power cord for the cupcake-elator, inadvertently unplugging it

Barbie: Teresa will be here any minute!
Ken: It looks like a bakery pooped its pants.
Barbie: Let's stash them!

Everyone hides dozens of cupcakes but leaves one pile for Teresa, who enters as soon as they finish stashing the excessive cupcakes

Barbie: Oh! Hi, Teresa! Whipped up some cupcakes for you!
Teresa: No way! You made these?
Barbie: Couldn't have been smoother. So, you see I can make a few cupcakes without causing a...

The cupcakes burst out of their hiding spots

Barbie: Disaster.
Teresa: Hmm... I'm thinking oil my joints, moisturize my plastic, a thousand brushstrokes through my hair...

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