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Sand Away
Season 1, Episode 14c
Episode 14c Overall
Upload Date September 19, 2012
Synopsis Ouch! Sand in your joints. Use Sand Away today!
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Sand Away is the third of four bonus episodes accompanying season one. In this episode, Ken and Raquelle advertise a new product, Sand Away, which helps remove sand from the dolls' jointed shoulders.


Raquelle is busy playing volleyball at the beach with Teresa, when Ken is narrating. It turns out Raquelle has sand in her joints, and Ken uses Sand Away on her. Raquelle is relieved, and gets up. It always did wonders to her plastic skin. Ken then says that it now comes in new Malibu Breeze. Raquelle says it smells upscale and trendy. While Ken is saying so "blow 'em out with Sand Away", he accidentally sprays the camera man in the face, making him say: "Hey!". Then, Ken wraps it up, by saying in an announcer voice: "Available in stores everywhere."

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