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Ken: Hey, beach babes! Nothing's better than oiling up and catching some rays! But nothing's worse than the pain and embarrassment of sand in your joints.

--Raquelle is playing beach volleyball, her arms slowly getting stiff to the point that she falls over backwards--

Ken: Now there's instant relief, Sand Away!

--Ken sprays Raquelle with Sand Away--

Raquelle: Hey, no more gritty, grimy discomfort! And it leaves my plastic oh so smooth and supple!

Ken: Lookin' good, Raquelle! And Sand Away now comes in new Malibu Breeze scent.

Raquelle: Mmm! Smells upscale and trendy!

Ken: So don't let sand-clogged joints ruin your fun. Blow 'em out, with Sand Away!

--Ken leans on the nozzle of the can of Sand Away, spraying it directly into the camera--

Camera Man: Hey!

Ken: Available in stores everywhere!

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