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(Opening Theme)

In the Dreamhouse Kitchen.

Barbie: Hi guys! Gotta run, There's a lot of stuff to do today.
Skipper: Let me guess it, you're gonna be a veterinarian, DJ and... Fashion designer.
Barbie: Actually, body instructor, scoff chef and fashioned business executive constative.
Chelsea(dressed as a unicorn): Can't you play princess unicorn wedding/rodeo with me?
Barbie: Um... Maybe I could squeeze you in between my gymnastics final, and receiving the key to the city of Malibu.

Barbie's phone rings.

Barbie: Oh! No time for OJ.

Barbie bites a pure orange.

Barbie: Uhl! Not my best idea.

Ken is preparing something to Barbie in The Beach.

Ken: Umbrella at 57 degree angel, check!
Ken(on the confessional couch): I hope Barbie gets here soon or...

Ken gasps.

Ken(on the confessional couch): My gazpacho is going to be room temperature!
Barbie(holding a helmet): Hi Ken! My pet group was running behind and...

Barbie drops the helmet in water.

Ken: A tide came in.
Barbie: Oh, Ken! I'm so sorry!
Ken: Barbie, you're never ever late. It's all your careers, you got too many.

Barbie eats a bit of the gazpacho.

Barbie: On the bright side, your gazpacho is delish! A little worm tho, don't you think?

Ken is now building a machine in the Dreamhouse Garage.

Ken: Barbie's going way more than one amazing fashion icon can do. So I'm just giving her some help.

Ken activates it and a clone of Barbie appears out.

Barbie clone: Hi there, I'm Barbie! What's up?!
Ken: Hey, she's even fun to talk to. So, Barbie, what are you up today?
Barbie clone: Hi there, I'm Barbie! What's up?!
Ken: I can fix that! Voilà! A artificial intelligence in a node, in perky hair comb.

Ken puts it on the clone.

Ken: So, Barbie, what are you up today?
Barbie clone: Just hanging up with the most handsome, charming guy ever!
Ken: Artificial or not, that's intelligence!

Later, two robots are shown playing tennis in the garage.
The tennis ball goes to the lever, and accidentally breaks it, making a lot of clones appear.

The clones: Hi there, I'm Barbie! What's up?!

Ken is hanging out with Barbie clone outside The Barbie Dreamhouse.

Ken: Nice job at the supreme court today Barbiebot. Now, you stay here while I find out what's next on the real Barbie schedule.
Barbie clone: Real Barbie? But I'm the real Barbie.

In the Dreamhouse Living Room

Reporter: We interrupt the program to bring you breaking news. Barbie is everywhere! And everywhere she goes, disaster follows. Running traffic in "downjump" Malibu today, Barbie caused a 10 car pile.
Stacie: I can't believe!
Reporter: You better believe it, and there's more! The Malibu chocolate factory is shut down, indefinably. To ask to comment about all the main she has cost, Barbie had this to say:
Another clone: Hi there, I'm Barbie! What's up?!
Ken: Huh?!

Back in the Dreamhouse Garage.
Ken opens the garage door and a lot of Barbie clones appear.
(Closing theme)

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