Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse Wiki

Skipper: Okay, Barbie, see you tomorrow!

Barbie: What was that, Skip- Oh!

--Barbie and Skipper bumped together Skipper drop her bag and a tent came out Skipper's bag--

Barbie: What in the world?

Skipper: I got it, I got it!

Barbie: Going camping, Skip?

--Stacie pops out of the door--

Skipper: Corey Liamzane is performing at the Malibu Mega-dome! We're gonna be first in line when doors open.

Barbie: We are? Sounds, like, fun.

Chelsea: Can we go, Barbie? Can we, can we?

Barbie: Of course we-

Skipper: Can't!

Barbie, Stacie, and Chelsea: What?!

Skipper: All my friends will be there, and I don't need my sisters-

Barbie: Sticking together?

Stacie: Making you look cooler?

Chelsea: Having fun as a family?

--Barbie, Stacie, and Chelsea hug and smile up at Skipper together--

Skipper: Wrecking my vibe. (leaves)

Barbie: I've never wrecked a vibe in my whole life.

Chelsea: Teenagers.

Barbie: (gasps) Why don't we all go down and get tickets? We all love Corey Liamzane, right?

Chelsea (on couch): Personally, I prefer speed level.

--Rock and roll music when Chelsea stands up and pretends that she is playing a guitar and sticks her tongue out--

Allegra: This concert is gonna be the biggest advent in my entire life! Except for getting my braces off.

Skipper: Don't worry, Allegra, we're gonna be in line first in line.

--Skipper and Allegra stop and see the crowd cheering--

Skipper: Oh...

Allegra: I've heard that he loves his mom! Oh, and that his breath smells like puppies!

Skipper: I've heard that he's got a monkey.

--Barbie's camper approached--

Skipper: (opens the camper) What are you doing here?

Barbie: I thought it would be a fun sisters activity?

Skipper: I'm here with my friend.

Chelsea: (yells) Barbie! Where's the bathroom?

Barbie: Take a left down the bowling alley! It will be next to the indoor ski jump.

--Chelsea opens the door and screams cause a bear was on the toilet and the bear throws a toilet roll--

Stacie: We need to clean this thing more often.

Skipper: Can I just do this one thing with my friends on my own?

Barbie: Of course, Skip. You don't even know where here.

Skipper: Thanks!

Chelsea: (yells) Barbie! Do we have any live salmon?

Allegra: Hey, who's in the camper? Are holding out on me?

Skipper: No! It's just my sister, Barbie.

--Everyone turns there flags around into Barbie's face, and the crowd cheered for Barbie, and starts to run near the camper and say Barbie, and Barbie gets out of the camper--

Barbie: Thank you.

--The guard opens the door for the crowd but they weren't paying attention, then Skipper runs inside the Mega dome and after that Skipper got out and was holding 2 tickets--

Corey Liamzane: Hey, what's going on?

--Skipper runs up to Corey Liamzane and drops her ticket--

Skipper: Hi! (faints)

Corey Liam Zane: Who are they all cheering at? Who are you all cheering at?!

Teenage Girl: It's Barbie!

Corey Liamzane: Time to pull up my patented swaggity-swag. Hey, ladies, get a load of this! (shakes his eyebrows)

--Everyone keeps cheering--

Corey Liamzane: No one can't resist my pipes.

--He gets a mic and starts to sing--

Corey Liamzane: Sweety, sweety, sweety, sweety!~

--Everyone keeps cheering--

Corey Liamzane: But I've got a monkey!

Teenage girl: Barbie's got a bear!

--The bear did a butterfly kiss and winks and the crowd. Corey Liamzane brags on about stuff and cries--

Corey Liamzane: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!

Skipper: You're wrecking my vibe. Excuse me, excuse me. Let's go home.

Barbie: But, we didn't get tickets.

Skipper: Believe me, I saw what I all need to see of Corey Liamzane. I'd rather hang with you.

--The bear opens the window--

Chelsea: Dibs on radio!

--Chelsea turns a button on and listen to rock and roll music and tumbles a trash can over and the bear drove the camper and there was a box in the road--

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