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Skipper: Yes! June 21st! Sisters' Fun Day!

Chelsea: Can't wait, Barbie! It's gonna be the longest and best-est day ever!

Stacie: Yeah. The one time you clear your crazy schedule to spend one-on-one time with us!

Skipper: You did clear your schedule, right?

Barbie: Of course! Easy-peezy! --is even lying to herself--

Barbie (on couch): It was nearly impossible. I've got over 150 careers! So, finding free time is...difficult. In fact, a team of psychosis worked on it for months.

Psychosis: Let's see, carry the one. We did it! Boo-yah! In your face, psychics!

Chelsea: My turn first!

Barbie: Sure, once the dishes are done. Whose turn is it?

Skipper: Ugh, mine! I'll do them. --easily flips the dishes on the other side of the table with a button--

Barbie: Perf! I put Midge in charge of the salon and the Boutique!

Chelsea: Goody! Wait 'til you see what I've got planned.

--Phone rings--

Barbie: Oops, one sec. That might be Midge.

--Barbie goes over to the cell phone remote control, and turns on the intercom TV set with it--

Ally: Hey, Barbie!

Barbie: Ally, Lauren, Dinah, Normani, Camilla? What's up?

Normani: Girl, we are so glad to see you!

Lauren: Fifth Harmony needs your help, Barbie! We're shooting our new video today at the Malibu Mall!

Dinah: Our director had to bail. He's got plastic pox.

Director: This can't be! I'm an artist! An artist!

Normani: Girl, we need a new director. And you're the best in the bizz, Barbie.

Camilla: Can you help us? Please?

Barbie: But today is Sisters' Fun Day! My special day for hanging with my, well, you get it.

Dinah: This video could be so huge for us!

Barbie: Oh, I can't let you guys down. Not to mention the millions of Harmonizers out there. I'll do it!

All Fifth Harmony girls members: Thanks!

--Barbie turns off the television set--

Chelsea: Come on! The day's not getting any shorter!

--Barbie runs to the Dreamhouse Foyer--

--door bell rings--

Barbie: Ken!

Ken: Hi, Barbie! I know today's the big day, but I just wanted to give you this.

--Barbie pulls open the face of the giant card--

--Song: Have a happy, happy--

Ken: Sister's Fun Day!

Song: And a really day!

Song: Have a happy, happy--

Ken: Sisters' Fun Day!

Song: And a really happy day!

Ken: I hope you like it! Later!

--Ken zooms out of the Dreamhouse--

Barbie: Ken, I need you!

Ken: I live for those words.

Barbie: --outside the door-- I've gotta be in two places at once today. And I'm not sure how to pull it off!

Ken: Hmmm, you don't have a twin, and there's no time to clone you. Don't worry, Barbie, I'm on it!

Chelsea: Barbie!

Barbie: That looks delish, Chelsea!

Chelsea: Nothing but the best for Sister's Fun Day! And Chelsea's Ice Cream Palace has tons of yummy toppings for all your pile-on pleasure! --hands Barbie a menu--

Barbie: Hmm, imaginary sprinkles. 50 dollars?!

Chelsea: They're imported. And don't bother asking, because I don't take imaginary money!

--phone rings in Barbie's pocket--

--Barbie grabs it out-- Barbie: Hello?

Lauren of Fifth Harmony: Hey, Barbie! We're ready to shoot! Um, where are you?

Barbie: Um, sure, Midge. Uh, be right there!

Fifth Harmony Lauren: Uh, it's not Midge. It's Fifth Harm-

Barbie: --hangs up-- Sorry, Chelsea. I have to hurry to the salon. It's a disaster! Midge accidentally, um, dyed the costumers' hair every color of the rainbow!

Chelsea: And? --All her toys have rainbow-colored hair--

Barbie: I'm really sorry! It's an emergency! Be back as soon as I can!

Chelsea: You can't. This is our special time together!

Ken: Maybe I can keep you company. You know I love sherbet!

Chelsea: Actually, it's ice cream.

Ken: Ice cream!? How could you!?

Chelsea: Barbie and I were gonna play dress-up next, but she's stuck at the mall.

Ken: Dress up? I don't know.

--Chelsea pulls him in anyway--

--Meanwhile, at the Mall, Barbie is running--

Costumer: Aaaah! --Costumer has an Afro with rainbow colored streaks--

Barbie: What in the world!?

Midge: Wait! You forgot your award's card! Five more and it's free! --She runs after her--

--Barbie runs over to the indoor smoothie place--

Fifth Harmony: Yay, she's here! Hi, Barbie!

Normani: Good to see ya! --waving--

Barbie: Places, everyone! Aaaand...action!

--Anything is Possible is playing and the Background Clones start screaming and chasing--

--Raquelle gets ice cream or sherbet on her head--

Barbie: Cut! Great job! Okay, let's reset. --She leaves--

Raquelle: You guys are très fabulous and all! But, if you're wanna go oober fabulous, I have a concept! Wait for it! Sixth Harmony!

Raquelle: --singing-- Anything is possible, I'm unstoppable. Me and myself! Mm! R-A-Q-U-E-L...

--Barbie runs outside and sees a thing flips over to something else--

Barbie: Hmm? How did that happ--*phone rings* Chelsea!

Chelsea: Now that's you play dress-up!

Ken: Not funny, Chelsea. *All bundled up* I gotta to the bathroom! *tumbles over*

Barbie: I'm back! --opens door--

Chelsea: Yay! Now we can have our Sisters' Fun Day time!

Barbie: Totes!

--Alarm rings with red light--

Chelsea: What's that?

Barbie: Hmm, I think it means..

Stacie: My turn to hang with Barbie!

Chelsea: But we're still playing. No fair!

Stacie: Uh, way fair!

Barbie: --hugs Chelsea-- I'm sorry, Chelsea. But it is Stacie's turn.

Stacie: Let's go, Barbie! This is gonna be a blast! *pulls Barbie aside*

Barbie: Woo-hoo! Great idea, Stace! It's been years since I got my glide on!

--Phone rings--

Barbie: --yelling because they are up in the air-- Uh, emergency at the salon! The, uh, fire sprinkles went off! And it, uh, flooded the store!

Stacie: But we just got started!

Barbie: I know! And I'm sorry! But this is urgent!

Stacie: --yelling-- Okay, but hurry! We still gotta play Jet Pack Basketball!

Barbie: Be back quick as I caaaan! --flying down the rope--

Stacie: --sigh--, I wish Barbie was here. --talking to self--

Ken: Heeey, Staaace! What a conquinty-dink! May I join you? --shouting--

Stacie: Uhn, sure --shrugging--.

--Birds fly out of nowhere randomly--

Ken: Whoooaa!

Barbie: --running down past the Salon-- --She notices her lie about the fire sprinkles going off wasn't a lie--

Barbie: --she shakes it off and continues running-- Mm! Play back, and action!

--Fifth Harmony runs from fans who are Backgrounding Clones and Raquelle while Anything is Possible plays in the background--

Anything is Possible song: B-A-R-B-I-E! --Three Background Clone fans realize they probably lost Fifth Harmony--

Anything is Possible: We're dreaming big, I know we are! We've gotta all, we'll be superstars! Yeah, we will. We will. --Photos of the Fifth Harmony members appear with Raquelle in the photo-booth--

Barbie: Cut! That's gold! Gotta go!

--Raquelle standing there and suddenly guy on treadmill appears--

Stacie: Hahaha, that was fun!

Ken: --spits out feathers-- Darn seagulls! Think they own the sky.

Stacie: So next, Barbie and I were up for some pore-core. You up for it?

Ken: No, thanks. I'm allergic to shellfish.

Stacie: Ha, no. This is pore core. Hahn, now you.

--Ken keeps bumping into things--

Stacie: Whoa!

--Ken knocks into big spiky thing--

Stacie: *gasps*

Stacie: What's going on!?

--Ken flips into a popcorn bin container--

--Stacie goes over and eats some--

Stacie: Hmm, could use more butter.

Ken (on couch): There's definitely something strange-- --couch flips to austorant doll package-- going on in-- Malibu *on couch with seagulls*.

Barbie: --runs in with different outfit and hairstyle-- Stacie, are ya here?

Stacie: You're back! I just installed 5,000 Annotronic Booster Rocket jet packs!

Barbie: Terrif! Let's jet!

Stacie: What's that? Uh-oh, don't tell me that means...

Skipper: It's my turn!

Stacie: No way! We were just gonna rocket-tag!

Barbie: I'm sorry, Stacie, but we're outta time --Skipper is pulling her out by the hand--

Stacie: Yeah, 'cause you spent it all at The Mall!

Skipper: C'mon, Barbie, I've got something really cool to show you.

Barbie: I'll make it up to you, Stace. Promise! --leaving out the Barbie Dreamhouse door with Skipper--

Stacie: Whatever.

Ken: Hey, Stacie. I wanna play rocket-taaaa---

Barbie: Aaahhn, I just love hanging with you, Skipper. You're always the first to find hot new bands and cutting-edge stuff.

Skipper: I know, right?! Check out this amaze new music app! We're gonna write a song with it!

Barbie: Sounds amaze!

Skipper: I'm hoping it'll sound half as good as Fifth Harmony! --giggles excitedly--

--Barbie falls over couch--

Skipper: Ever heard of them?

Barbie: You could say I'm familiar with their work. So, this plays all the instruments?

Skipper: Even better! You just say one word and it writes a whole song! Watch! --presses button and says, "Fashion"--

--Laptop app plays Fashion dubstep song--

Skipper: This is awesome, right?

Reporter: We interrupt this program to bring you - a special bulletin. Malibu, has been rocked, by a flipquake! For more on this strange new parole, we go to the nature disaster respondent, Professor Alben Günther!

Professor Albin Günther: Vone serie is that flip-qvakes accrue when de plastic plates above Malibu become unschtamble! Causing objects to flip. Like this..

--Albin Günther flips news table, and plays ping-pong with Reporter--

Reporter: There you have it folks! Malibu in a bit of a danger of destruction! Let's go to the Malibu Mall for some street report on flip-destruction.

Raquelle: It was horrible! I was hanging with my BFF's, Fifth Harmony. But suddenly, they disappeared! They must've flipped or something.

--Shows Fifth Harmony behind a tree, hiding from Raquelle, then going back behind it--

Reporter: Of course they did! --being sarcastic, clearly--

Barbie: Flipquake!? That exclaims what happened at the Mall!

Skipper: Flip-quake! That'd be a great name for our band!

--Barbie's cell phone rings with a picture of a "5" on it for Fifth Harmony--

Barbie: Uh-oh.

Skipper: What is it?

Barbie: Problem at the Boutique. Looks like, uh, a herd of wild horses, is rampaging -- through the swimwear department! --looks at camera nervously-- Sorry, Skipper. Looks like we'll have to finish the song later.

Skipper: But you can't leave now! Who's gonna help me with my album?

Ken: I know a little something about music. Ever seen one of these bad boys, Skipper?

Skipper: Maybe. In a museum or something.

Ken: Just push this, and instant hit.

Skipper: I like it. But, needs a little more BPM.

Ken: No! Don't touch that! --Skipper pushes a button on Ken's multi-instruments instrument and it starts going crazy--

Skipper: Add fireworks and a fog-machine and maybe you can open for me.

--Barbie racing through Malibu near the Boutique and Mall--

--Barbie opens the The Barbie Boutique door--

Midge: Hey! Give me that tankini, Mr. Clydes-dale! --noise goes on in there--

Midge: AAAAHHH! Oh no, not again!! Aaaaahhhh!

Midge (on couch in boutique): Between you and me, I may have exaggerated to Barbie about my previous salon-experience. *snort laughs*

--Barbie rushes over to the go-cart-cars place, slams down in director's chair and calls--

Barbie: Aaaand...action!

--The scene shows Fifth Harmony and fans crowding them up in the go-carts, and Raquelle takes over--

Raquelle: AAAAHHH!!!

Barbie: Cut, that's a rap, you've all been great, gotta go bye!

--Bear pops up in flip-quake with Raquelle--

--Bear roars at Raquelle--

Raquelle: --hits the Bear-- Stop that.

The bear: --whimpers softly--

Barbie: --in the Dreamhouse, opening door-- Hey, Skipper, I'm back, do we still have time to-?

--All three of Barbie's sisters appear in the living room of the Dreamhouse with angry faces towards Barbie--

Chelsea: We were supposed to spend the day together!

Stacie: But, you kept running off to do work-stuff!

Skipper: Worst Sister's Fun Day, ever!

Barbie: Wait! The day's not over! We can still have fun!

Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea: Whatever!

Barbie: C'mon, guys, let me make it up to you-- what if we all went on-- --it flashes scenes-- a picnic? Who's hungry? --holding lemon meringue pie-- Huh?

Skipper: --has hand up-- No, thanks. We have a headache.

Barbie: Okay, then. Well, nothing's more fun than -- the scene flashes to Barbie in her swimsuit in the pool-- Swimming! Hop in, girls! Cool off your plastic.

Stacie: We can't. We, just had a picnic. Remember?

Barbie: But you didn't eat anything.

Stacie: And, what's your point?

Barbie: --happy gasp-- I know what you guys would like! Something girly and fun! --The scene flashes to a part where Barbie has her nails getting done--

Barbie: Oh, don't just love doing your nails? You can really experiment, and express yourselves. Let's see those amaaaze manicures!

--The girls all show their nails, but they are all angry pictures, except for Chelsea's--

Barbie: Ah, I get it. You guys are upset with me. Look, I'm sorry Sister's Fun Day hadn't turned out how we wanted, but I was trying to help out some dear friends and--

--Phone rings--

Skipper: Ugh, again? Really, Barbie? Really?

Barbie: The reason I had to duck out today is that I was helping, wait for it -- Fifth Harmony!

--All three of the girls of sisters scream in joy--

Skipper: Fifth Harmony? Are you kidding? I'm president of their fan club!

Stacie: I have their posters all over my room!

Chelsea: I named my five favorite plushies after them! Although, I accidentally got gum in Dinah's fur.

Barbie: Yes, Fifth Harmony. The same Fifth Harmony who just personally invited us to their concert tonight!

--Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea scream, hugging each other joyfully--

Skipper: *gasps* I can't see my idols with these nails!

Reporter (on TV): Here's the latest on the flip-quake-tastrophe.

Barbie: -sigh-, now what?

--They all move out of the Dreamhouse Kitchen and into the main living room--

Reporter: Horrific flipquakes, everywhere. The entire world of the verge of devastation

Barbie: --Sigh--, the flip quakes are getting bigger. It might be too dangerous to go to the Fifth Harmony concert.

--Sisters all look at her with frowns on their faces--

Barbie: And by that, I mean, everybody in the car!

--All three sisters rush to get in the car--

Raquelle: --in bad disguise-- Food delivery for Fifth Harmony.

--Background Clone cop who looks like a pudgy Ken with a mustache opens the lid to see a platter of cupcakes--

--Fifth Harmony are by the vanity and mirror, getting their makeup done, while they flip over by possibly a flip-quake--

Raquelle: Fifth Harmony! I-- Oooughh!

--Cop chases Raquelle all over the place, the Cop accidentally knocking off the lid to the cupcake platter--

--Fifth Harmony flips back up from the down-ground thing--

Fifth Harmony: Mmmm! --because of the cupcakes, of course--

Skipper: (in car): Fifth Harmony at the Malibu Mega-Dome! How perf is that?

Chelsea: I'm their biggest fan!

Stacie: Hah, I made their latest song my ring tone!

--The phone plays song and they sit-dance in the car--

Skipper: Pft, I didn't stop at a ring-tone. --Honks Barbie's car, and it honks Fifth Harmony's Anything is Possible theme song--

Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea: *giggles*

Chelsea: Look! The mega-dome! --It flips over to a giant bathtub--

Barbie: --Small gasp-- What in the world!?

Skipper: Now it's over there.

Barbie: Wow, if you thought it was a long ride from the parking lot before.. --She drives up further--

Skipper: W-where'd it go?

Stacie: Over there! *pointing*

--Giant, pink anvil appears on the road, but Barbie dodges it--

Skipper: No way! --Christmas tree pops up--

Barbie: This is cray-cray!

--The car suddenly flips and suddenly Chelsea is driving--

Barbie: Um, who's driving?

Chelsea: It's about time.

--It flips to Fifth Harmony with Lauren driving--

--Flips to Ken with a plastic Ken boy of himself in Barbie's car and he screams--

--It flips to the pets of Tawny, Taffy, Blissa including the dolphin as Barbie Pet, but also the Bear, and Blissa is driving while the Bear groans in fear--

--The car flips back to Barbie and her sisters with Barbie again and they sigh in relief--

Chelsea: Hmph!

Skipper: What's that!? *pointing to giant power plant of batteries*

Barbie: Hm, I have a hunch.

Skipper: Where are we going? --Barbie pulls over--

Skipper: Wow. You know those are sold separately.

Barbie: Actually, those batteries are the source of power for the entire world! And look! It's loose! That's what's causing the flip-quakes!

--Barbie runs over and tries to move the battery into place but it will not budge--

Barbie: Wow! It ways a ton! Ugh!

Skipper: What are you gonna do now, Barbie?

Barbie: Nobody can move something like this on their own! No! It'll take a total team effort! Four sisters, working together, in the true spirit of Sister's Fun Day! Yes! We can do it, and we will do it! Because we united forever!

Skipper: A bit over the top, don't ya think?

Stacie: But, the music was a nice touch!

Barbie: Sorry, huh. Got a little carried away there. Give me a hand?

--The sisters all four pull it together hard and they did it!--

--Flip-quakes are fixed now--

Barbie: Yes! We did it!

--Girls all cheer--

Stacie: Wait! What about the Fifth Harmony concert? We're gonna be late!

Barbie: I'm Barbara Millicent Roberts, and I am never late!

Skipper: Wow, she used her full name. --Nervous chuckle-- Last time she did that, she claimed Mount Everest. In five-inch heels.

--At the concert--

Chelsea: We made it! We're actually seeing Fifth Harmony!

Barbie: It's gonna be AMAAAZE!

Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, the five first ladies of awesomeness! Fifth Harmony!

Ally: How you doing tonight, Malibu?!

Barbie: We're doing great! Now that the flip-quakes are over! Hmm, I hope they're over.

Reporter on big screen: We interrupt a regularly scheduled Fifth Harmony concert for this special report! Our expert confirms that the flip-quakes are over.

Professor: Actually, we can't be curtain that--

Reporter: In other news, a baby duck mistook a throw-pillow for its mother. Adorable. Team coverage begins at 11:00--the screen turns off to the Fifth Harmony logo again--

Camilla: Okay, that was weird --pointing--

Ally: Girl, we've had some weird a looong time ago.

Camilla: Malibu, we have a special guest in the audition tonight.

Lauren: The coolest and most dependable - Barbie!

Ally: Come on up, Barbie! --lending a hand to her--

Barbie: Really, me? Well, anything for you guys. --on stage-- This wouldn't be complete without my girls! Come on, you guys!

--Song plays and they all dance--

--Fans try to jump up at Fifth Harmony, and get them, but they fortunately escape with good hope--

Raquelle: Fifth Harmony, come back! I bought t-shirts, posters, bobble heads! Can I at least get an autograph?

Ryan: Sure. It's Rachel, right?

Raquelle: Where have you been? You've been missing for the past twenty-two minutes.

Ryan: Yeah, what's up with that?

--At pizza place-- Barbie: Wow! We just barely made it out of there.

Ally: Yeah, our fans are really dedicated.

Normani: One time, we had to pry one of them off the hood of our limo.

--Barbie's sisters giggle at Raquelle's current predicament--

Barbie: Well, it's been one amaze day!

Ken: Amaze isn't the word I'd use. More like, horrible. --His face is all beat up an so is he--

Barbie: Ken! What happened to you?

Ken: Your sisters. Sorry about that, Ken. But it turned out to be the best Sisters' Fun Day EVER!

Skipper: Totally! We really had a blast together!

Stacie: Totally!

Chelsea: Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Ken: Well, I'm just glad it's over. And that we're done with those awful flipquakes!

--Ken's chair flips over and Reporter on TV comes on--

Reporter: This just in...

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