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Raquelle: Well, if it isn't my favorite Barbie sister! Kelly, right?

Chelsea: It's Chelsea. Wouldn't an ice-cold glass of lemonade really hit the spot?

Raquelle: Do you have anything sparkling?

Chelsea: Uh... When the sun hits it, it sparkles!

Raquelle: Ugh! This is Malibu! People want variety, excitement, the "it" factor. Not some tasteless yellow liquid from a cardboard stand. I'm gonna win, right!

--Chelsea packs up her lemonade stand--

Raquelle: Another Roberts family dream crushed!

--Raquelle breaks her nail file while saying 'crushed'--

Barbie: Oh! New store! New store!

--looks at Chelsea's enormous lemonade kiosk--

Barbie: Chelsea, this is amaze! How did you do all this?

Chelsea: I think I know a little somethin' about the I.T. factor.

--smiles adorably--

Barbie: Oh, and love the logo! 

Chelsea: I wanted a mermaid, but that was already taken by some coffee shop. 

Barbie: Well, I would love a lemonade please. 

Stacie: Can I interest you in one of our many custom citrus-flavored beverages?

Ken: Now that looks refreshing. I've never had one of those before! Oh, I bet that is yummers!

Barbie: Is that Ryan's CD? How... generous of you.

Chelsea: RYAN!

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey, hey! I was just about to do a live set!

Chelsea: Take it down the street song boy.

Raquelle: Now THIS is a lemonadory! Give me one iced lemon latte with extra foam, almond shavings, a hint of lemon peel, marshmallow bubbles, and a tiny umbrella. Oh, and I want that in a chilled glass.

Chelsea: Take a break, Skipper. Bad news. We're all out.

Stacie: I've got one iced lemon latte with extra foam, almond shavings, a hint of lemon peel, marshmallow bubbles, and a tiny umbrella, all in a chilled glass! (Gasps) For... Kern?

Ken: Thank you!

Raquelle: YOU! Fine. I'll take the lemonberry dream cake with a tri-whipped topping and giant spoon.

Chelsea: None left. So sorry.

Stacie: I've got a lemonberry dream cake with a tri-whipped topping and giant spoon for... Mal and Ben?

Ken: That's me!

Raquelle: Lemon ginger gelato.

Chelsea: Next shipment comes in Tuesday.

Raquelle: Lemon poppyseed muffin.

Chelsea: Just sold the last one.

Raquelle: Lemon meringue pie?!

Chelsea: Fresh out.

Raquelle: Lemons! Just Lemons!

Chelsea: What's a lemon?

Raquelle: AAARRGGGH! (exhales slowly) Listen, Kelly.

Chelsea: It's Chelsea.

Raquelle: Why don't I take this crazy place off your hands?

--hands Chelsea a check--

Chelsea: That's a lot of lemons!

Barbie: Wow! Now what, Chelsea?

Chelsea: How about we go grab a drink? On me?

Stacie: What do you feel like?

Chelsea: Lemonade. Just lemonade. It's like no one appreciates the simple things in life anymore.

Customer: Yeah, where can we get just plain lemonade?

--all customers leave--

Raquelle: Okay, that's not good.

--Raquelle sets up her own makeshift lemonade stand--

Raquelle: Lemonade, fifty cents a cup! Come get your...

--tumbleweed rolls past, then a hawk cries--

Raquelle: Ugh, what's the point? It's not even cold!

--Ryan sets a pile of his CDs on lemonade stand--

Ryan: You can sell them with the drinks!

Raquelle: Take it down the street song boy. 

--Raquelle drinks the lemonade and her face poukers up--

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