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(Opening Theme)
In the Dreamhouse Living Room
Barbie is reading a magazine

Barbie: Ooh! Carpets, drapes and furniture that change color to match your outfit! Now that's a living room!
Chelsea: Can we get them, Barbie? Can we, can we, can we?
Barbie: I can't remember the last time we decorated. It's been like, forever!

On the confessional couch

Barbie: Actually, it was last Tuesday. I love makeovers!
Skipper: How about a surround sound system that literally surrounds the house?
Stacie: How about a chair that converts into a skateboard ramp?
Chelsea: Or a jungle gym, with real monkeys on the monkey bars?

Barbie and her sisters rush to their electronic devices

Barbie: Mmm, That's the sofa vacuum carpet...
Chelsea: Full?
Stacie: Try to make that...
Skipper: I want of those, and better make a dozen of those...

Outside The Barbie Dreamhouse
The doorbell rings, and everyone rushes to the door

Delivery Guy: Delivery for 1959 Malibu Way?
Barbie: Thank you!

Barbie opens the box and flips through some large stickers, until she reaches one of a blue trampoline

Barbie: A trampoline? They messed up the order.
Stacie: They sure did! I wanted it hot pink.

Chelsea rips off the back of the sticker and placed it on the floor. She pulls out the chair in the sticker and she sits on it. Skipper places her sticker on the wall and pulls out a flat-screen T.V. and turns it on. Barbie pulled out a remote out of a sticker and she tests it

Barbie: Works like a charm!

Stacie places her sticker on the floor and pulls out a trampoline. She gets another sticker, bounces on the trampoline, and sticks the sticker on the ceiling and pulls out a chandelier and lets go of it. Stacie puts a sticker on the wall, but Chelsea places another on top of it. Stacie and Chelsea put their stickers over on top of each other until they fall on the ground, and gets a piece of furniture mixed of each of their pieces of furniture.

On the confessional couch

Barbie: After that, thing got a little out of control.

A montage of the sisters placing stickers all over the house appears. After Chelsea puts one of a doghouse on the wall, Taffy pops out of it and looks disgusted.

On the confessional couch

Taffy: Looks like it was decorated by pack of Cocker Spaniels. I mean, come on!

Barbie hears Chelsea's muffled voice. Barbie pulls a sticker off the wall to reveal Chelsea stuck behind it.

Barbie: Oh, Chelsea!
Chelsea: I'm okay. Kinda sticky though.
Barbie: What a disaster!

The doorbell rings, and Chelsea falls on the floor

Barbie: Oh! My date with Ken!
Ken: Hey babe! Oh! Looks like a Swedish furniture outlet threw up in here.
Barbie: Sorry, Ken, but I can't go anywhere with the place looking like this.
Ken: Not to worry! Luckily your man is always prepared for emergencies like this. (He pulls out a scalpel out of a sticker, and winks at Barbie)

Construction noises are heard as Barbie and sisters look around in amazement.

Ken: Back to fabulous!

The Dreamhouse is revealed to be back to normal

Barbie: Ken, you have impeccable taste!
Ken: Especially in girlfriends. (Ken holds out a sticker of a bouquet of flowers)
Ken: Shall we?
Barbie: (Pulls the bouquet out of the sticker) We're off! Have fun guys!

Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea all sit on the couch.

Skipper: I can't remember the last time we decorated.
Stacie: It's been like, forever!

All of the sisters rush to their devices.

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