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Stuck With You
Season 5, Episode 2
Episode 42 Overall
Upload Date October 9, 2013
Synopsis Game night goes awry when Barbie and Ryan get stuck in the Dreamhouse elevator.
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Stuck With You is the second episode of the fifth season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Barbie and Ryan get stuck in the Dreamhouse elevator after going over its one doll occupancy limit.


Barbie and her friends are at The Dreamhouse for game night. Barbie then decides to go upstairs to look for one more game. Ryan decides to go along and squeeze himself into the elevator with her, exceeding the one doll occupancy limit. The elevator then stops and gets stuck. Ryan begins freaking out, going on about how they're going to die before they have truly lived. Barbie reassures him that they are going to be fine. After a while, Ken realizes Barbie's been gone for too long. They then hear a high pitched scream, who they identify as Ryan. Ken rushes over and rescues Barbie from the elevator while leaving Ryan behind. Later, Ken goes onto the elevator to go to the bathroom when Raquelle hops on, causing the elevator to get stuck again and Ken to scream in terror.

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  • Although Trapped in the Dreamhouse aired before Stuck With You, chronologically it may occur afterwards as the elevator is out of order, likely due to it becoming stuck twice from exceeding its weight limit.
  • Midge explains that she doesn't have articulated (or separated) fingers, despite holding up a single (articulated) finger two scenes later. She also states that she isn't "articulated for running" in Trapped in the Dreamhouse.
  • The location of the Dreamhouse Living Room is shown to be the first door on the right as you enter the Dreamhouse Foyer. That same door was also used as the location of The Barbie Bathroom in The Shrinkerator.
  • It is revealed that Ryan suffers from Claustrophobia in this episode.

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