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(Opening Theme)
In the Dreamhouse Living Room

Barbie: Yay!
Summer: You haven't won yet, Barbie.
Barbie: Oh Summer. It's not about winning! I just love game night! Fab friends, food, and fun!
Raquelle: Wanna roll, Barbie? While we're still awake?

Barbie rolls the dice

Summer: Jinx!

Barbie moves her game piece

Ken: Okay, now Barbie won.

Summer lifts the table off of its stand, lifts it above her head, and growls as game pieces fall to the ground

Summer: Uh... I'll go pick those up.
Teresa: (giggles) Wow! We are really bad at this!
Nikki: I think we've played every game in existence. (a box falls)
Barbie: Wait! I have one more amaze game upstairs.
Ryan: (runs to Barbie) I call Barbie's partner!
Ken: (runs to Ryan) You can't! (holds up clipboard) I reserved that spot (points to Barbie) for all of tonight! (more paper rolls down on to floor from clipboard) And forever!
Barbie: Aw, Ken! (Barbie leaves for elevator)
Ryan: Bet you didn't reserve being her handsome game getting chaperone. (runs to Barbie)
Ken: (stares at clipboard) Uh... no.

By the elevator
Ryan goes inside the elevator Barbie is in

Barbie: (gasps) Ryan! We're exceeding the elevator's one doll occupancy limit!
Ryan: Then we better stand super close.

Elevator breaks, causing Ryan to scream

Barbie: Oh, no! We're stuck!

In the Dreamhouse Living Room

Summer: (bouncing ball with knee while bouncing ping-pong ball on paddle) There's gotta be something we can play now! (bounces while in a handstand) There's just gotta!
Ken: How 'bout charades?

Inside the elevator

Barbie: Hmm, I can't believe there's music, snow cones, and makeup emergency buttons, but no help button. Huh, go figure!

Elevator makes loud crashing noise

Ryan: (jumps on Barbie) We're gonna die! We're gonna die!

Camera pans out out to show the elevator is barely off the ground and Blissa shakes her head

Barbie: Relax, Ryan! Our friends will notice we've been gone and rescue us any second!

In the Dreamhouse Living Room

Ken: (holds up ten fingers, then eight)
Teresa: Okay, eighteen words.
Ken: (points to his shoe)
Teresa: Fall fashion sale at Malibu Mall, but they're all sold out of the cool boots in your size.
Ken: Yes! Another point for us!
Midge: How does she do that?
Summer: We're up Raquelle! Let's do this!
Raquelle: (looks at card) High heels.
Summer: (face palms) That's not how you play. You're supposed to act out the word!
Raquelle: That's how I play.
Raquelle: Whateves.
Midge: Our turn! (holds up four fingers)
Nikki: Four words.
Midge: (shakes head, holds up four fingers again)
Nikki: Uh. You're holdin' up four fingers.
Midge: (shakes head) That's all I can do! I don't have fully articulated fingers.

Inside the elevator
Blissa is shaking elevator, causing Ryan to be even more scared. Barbie is looking through a compartment of random items

Ryan: We're goners! We're going to die before we've truly lived! Before I confess how much I love... myself! I love yourself. I love, love, LOVE YOU!

In the Dreamhouse Living Room

Summer: I demand a teammate that plays by the rules!
Nikki: I want a fully articulated one!
Midge: Anyone up for Kick the Can?
Nikki and Summer: No way!

Everyone starts arguing

Ken: Hmmmm... Barbie's been gone for a suspiciously long time.
Midge: Quiet, everyone!

Everyone stops arguing

Midge: Listen!
Ryan: (shrieks)
Teresa: Too high-pitched. Sounds like Ryan.

By the elevator

Ken: (runs to elevator) Barbie! (pushes open elevator doors)
Barbie: (jumps into Ken's arms) My hero.
Ryan: Hey! What about me?

In the Dreamhouse Living Room

Ken: (Ken holds up one finger while doing a funny dance)
Barbie: One word.
Barbie: Bathroom?
Ken: That's right! BRB! (runs to elevator)

By the elevator

Raquelle: (Jumps into the elevator with Ken) Hello!
Ken: Raquelle! We're over the one doll limit! (elevator crashes) Oh, no! We're stuck!
Raquelle: Oh, yes, we are! (grins and hugs Ken)
Ken: AAH!!

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