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The Barbie Bathroom
Official Description Whether it’s a date with Ken or a night out with the girls or a super-fab fashion runway show, this is where Barbie starts to glam up. But this lavish powder room is more like a spa than just a simple washroom. Hot tub, sauna, nail salon, pool-sized bathtub — it’s all there, whether she’s kicking off her day or chillaxing at the end of it.
Type Bathroom
Located At The Barbie Dreamhouse
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The Dreamhouse Bathroom is shown in a few episodes, the most notable being Ken-tastic, Hair-tastic. It features a large shower/bathtub combo raised on a platform, a freestanding hairdryer and a small fireplace in the corner. The exact location of the bathroom varies from episode to episode, as it is seen on the right hand side of the ground floor in The Shrinkerator while it is located on the left hand side of the second floor in both Accidentally on Porpoise and Endless Summer. It is, however, stated that there is only one bathroom by Skipper.





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