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The Barbie Boutique
Official Description The go-to shop for everything glam-tastic! Barbie always has the most fab clothing, shoes and accessories, and so does her super cute boutique. Looking for the must-have item to glam up your favorite outfit? This is the place where everyone in Malibu goes.
Type Clothing store
Merchandise Clothes
Employees Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Nikki, and Teresa
Located At The Mall
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For the episode, see The Barbie Boutique (Episode).

The Barbie Boutique made an appearance in the episode of the same name, Help Wanted, and The Ken Den. In these episodes, it is shown to have a full length mirror at the back, instant racks of belts, dresses, shoes, and other items, and a table that pops up when someone sat on it.

In The Barbie Boutique, Barbie opens up the store for customers, and it becomes insanely popular.

In The Ken Den, one of the fitting rooms is renovated into a room for guys to hang out in while their girlfriends shopped. It became so popular it threatened the store, thus Ken locks it away at the end of the episode.

In Help Wanted, Skipper starts working there, adding many new features like machines that add glitter to outfits, machines that help one try on more clothes at a faster rate, and a makeup-bazooka that is invented to apply makeup perfectly and efficiently. However, these all had to be troubleshooted by Raquelle first.





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