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The Barbie Closet
Official Description Like a beautiful living fashion exhibit, it is the home of every stitch of clothing Barbie has ever worn and many that she hasn’t. Every visitor to the Dreamhouse flocks to the endless Closet because it houses everything from spacesuits to the perfect barrette. Fab-tastic needs a home base and this is it.
Type Closet
Located At The Barbie Dreamhouse
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Barbie's Closet has been featured occasionally, most prominently in Closet Princess and its followup episode Closet Princess 2.0. Barbie's closet opens to a small annex with a hot tub and cafe available by rotating the walls, as well as a mirror that can be opened to reveal dials for controlling the personality of Closet or checking how much free space is left. A long hallway of shelves housing shoes and accessories leads to a second annex area housing a spiral staircase to the second story and clothes racks.

Other areas of the closet include an area devoted to Barbie's career outfits, a room with a large bust of Barbie used to test new makeup and hairstyles on, and a long, 3 storey high corridor of shoes that takes "a day or two's walk" to reach the end of. There is a lever in the shoe corridor that activates a trapdoor, depositing the person who pulled it onto the front steps of the Dreamhouse.

Closet was added in by Ken in Closet Princess 2.0, and controls much of the Dreamhouse including the closet. More various machines were added in by Ken in The Upgradening.


  • Realistically, Closet would go on for 100+ miles.
  • The closet is more than 35 acres
  • There is a beach and a forest in her closet





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