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The House of Ken
Official Description This cool beach pad is the home of Ken. The surf décor fits this true-blue guy and gives him a place to chill, think about Barbie and think about the things he can do and the crazy gadgets he can make for Barbie.
Type House
Known Rooms Bathroom, Confessional Couch, Living Room, Garage
Inhabitants Ken
Next to The Barbie Dreamhouse, The Raquelle Mansion
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The House of Ken is the name of the mansion that Ken currently lives in. Situated in between The Barbie Dreamhouse and The Raquelle Mansion, The House of Ken is a Googie style house, featuring angled roofs and box-like design.

There is a two-car garage on the left hand side, as well as a pool with a large zig-zag pattern cut out of one corner. The exterior walls are primarily blue with a lot of large glass windows, however there is a white striped decorative wall running up the right hand side of the house.We have yet to see the outside of Ken's house in the series, besides its drawing on the map.

Ken's Bathroom


Ken's bathroom is colored blue, like the rest of his house. His shower curtain has a wave pattern on it, the same pattern that is repeated on the wall behind his confessional

couch. A small portrait of him and Barbie sits above a large towel rack and a gold mirror is located on the opposite wall.

Confessional Couch


Ken's confessional couch is a modern black leather two-person sofa, identical to the ones Ryan and Nikki have. It is situated in front of a wall displaying a wave pattern - to the right is a surfboard and to the left is a mirror fixed to the wall. There is also a large blue-gray coffee table in front of the couch.

Living Room


Ken's living room is first seen in Primp My Ride. It has a black circular table with two couches and a backless chair around it. It also has a staircase leading to the second story.

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