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The Mall
Official Description This is the ultra shopping, dining, and entertainment destination for Barbie and her friends. Whether they're checking out hot boutiques or dining at trendy restraunts or watching the latest trained dolphins show, this is where they live the fab life.
Type Mall
Employees Mall Cop
Next to Other residential houses in Malibu, Campgrounds
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The Mall is where all of the Dreamhouse characters go once in awhile to relax and have some fun. It is close to the Campgrounds and The Beach. It looks like a normal shopping center mostly in tan and white, but has other colors unique to each store. It is where The Restaurant, The Barbie Boutique, and The Raquelle Boutique are.


Malibu Mall Rules/Code

In Mall Mayhem, various codes and rules are mentioned by Mall Cop. They are listed below with how they were broken:

  • Malibu Mall Loitering code: Broken when Raquelle and Summer stood in one place for too long
  • Code 21: Broken by Barbie with excessive good looks
  • Code 24: Broken by Raquelle and Summer when they failed to yield to outrageous bargains
  • Code 25: Broken by Raquelle and Summer when they didn't cover their face with over sized sunglasses; also mentioned by Midge
  • Rule 99: Broken when Raquelle ratted out her "friend"





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