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(Opening Theme)

--Barbie is on the phone talking in the kitchen.--

Barbie: Yes, of course I understand. I am so sorry. --ends call--

Chelsea: What is it?

Barbie: Seems I'm no longer welcomed at The Malibu Airport. Apparently, I've been causing riots of fans, paparazzi, and well wishers, and causing massive delays.

Chelsea: Now how will we travel the globe?

Skipper: Wait, weren't you a pilot?

Barbie: Wait, wasn't I a pilot? I'm gonna need my own jet.

--The sisters are outside of the Dreamhouse, reading the instructions on how to build the jet.--

Raquelle: Could you people read a little more quietly?

--Raquelle is shown meditating on top of multiple balancing rocks--

Barbie: Sorry Raquelle. --Whispers-- Everyone got it?

Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea: Got it!

Raquelle: QUIET! --The instructions fly off and hit Raquelle.-- Aaah!

--Chelsea, Skipper, and Stacie are  putting together the wing of the jet. Chelsea gives a thumbs up, and Skipper and Stacie high-five.--

Barbie: Great job, guys!

Ken: Oh no! Barbie, you're putting something together.

Barbie: It's a jet!

Ken: And you didn't even need my help! How about that? I'm feeling a little woozy.

Barbie: Well, you could help me bracket the nose assembly to the fuselage.

Ken: I'm on it! --Ken runs off--

--Cuts to the girls decorating the inside of the jet. Stacie is putting down the chairs as Chelsea puts stickers on the floor, and Skipper puts a food section sticker on the back of the plane. She pushes the microwave and takes out a hot dog and eats it.--

--Cuts to Barbie reading the drivers manual.--

Barbie: Hold back the steering yoke and depress the wing flap pedal. Hmm... Steering yoke, steering yoke. Oh! --Chelsea puts on a sticker for steering.-- Thanks, Chels.

--Barbie pulls the steering yoke and closes the door, which causes Ken to be shoved into the plane.--

Ken: Aah!

--Jet flies over Raquelle.--

Raquelle: Aaah!

--Cuts to inside the jet, showing Ken, Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea.--

Stacie: I forgot... I think I get airsick.

Chelsea: What can I get for ya, hon?

Ken: What do you have?

Chelsea: We got a greasy double hamburger with onions, an anchovy and artichoke pizza, and a creamy clam chowder, with extra clams.

Stacie: --pukes-- Ugh...

Ken: Yes, yes and yes!

Chelsea: That'll be 47 dollars.

Ken: Wha-?

--Shows Skipper drinking a soda--

Barbie: We seem to be hitting a wee bit of turbulence...

--Everyone in the cabin is flying around. Skipper ties herself down to her seat with a lot of seatbelts, and Stacie closes herself into an overhead bin. The plane starts to spiral downward as Barbie stops controlling the plane to look in her instruction manual.--

Barbie: Locate the course deviation indicator, and pull back on yoke accordingly, until-

Ken and Chelsea: Aaaah!

Barbie: Hmm. --Picks up a sticker and places it on the dashboard, then presses it. The plane evens itself out, flies over Raquelle again, and lands safely.--

Barbie: That wasn't so hard.

Raquelle: Ugh!

Barbie: Thank you for flying Air Barbie. Please be careful when opening the overhead bins, as some of the contents may have shifted while in flight. --Cuts to the cabin, where Stacie, Skipper, Chelsea, and Ken are all lying on the floor or chairs and groaning.--

--Cuts to outside the plane, after everyone has exited.--

Chelsea: Woohoo! I wanna go again!

Raquelle: That jet, is a menace! I'm going to take this up with the zoning board, the mayor's office, now what are you going to do with this monstrosity, --Barbie, Skipper and Stacie saw Chelsea driving the plane-- this menace, this - jet? --Raquelle and the others watch the plane fly away--

Chelsea: I've got the need for speed!

--Taffy, Tawny and Blissa are shown buckled into seats in the cabin, the former two looking frightened and the latter calmly cleaning herself.--

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