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The Raquelle Mansion
Official Description It’s all about taste. Some call this Malibu mansion gorgeous and others call it tacky. But everybody says the Dreamhouse overshadows it. So now Raquelle constantly updates the mansion with new cutting-edge style to keep up with Barbie and her fab pad.
Type House
Known Rooms Confessional Couch, Pool, Bathroom
Inhabitants Raquelle
Next to The House of Ken, The House of Nikki
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The Raquelle Mansion is the name of the mansion that Raquelle currently lives in. It's in between The House of Ken and The House of Nikki. It is a Victorian style house, featuring auburn shingled roofs, purple walls, and a pool. There are palm trees, tall bushes and purple flowers decorating the property. Raquelle feels the need to constantly update the mansion to rival the Barbie Dreamhouse. She owns some of the same things as Barbie, but on a smaller scale.



Raquelle's Bathroom.png

Her bathroom shows up once in Accidentally on Porpoise, and is shown to have a toilet with a gold lid and a picture of herself behind it. It also has a counter that seems to have lots of cosmetic bottles, but are all just stickers. It also has a purple curtain probably leading to a bath/shower, and all the lights are little (probably fake) candles. It also has many other pictures of Raquelle around the bathroom, and has a purple lamp near the entrance, along with a gold mirror. The door is white with crystal handles.

Confessional Couch

Raquelle's Couch.png

Raquelle's confessional couch is a chaise lounge chair, identical to Barbie's and Teresa's. It is in front of purple wallpaper with slightly darker purple "R"s on it, a cushion with some pillows and a picture of Raquelle in her red formal dress on the right, and a bust of Raquelle on the left. Once, though, she moved her chaise lounge to the beach, where she did her confessionals there instead.





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