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The Ryan Mansion
Official Description For Ryan this is rebel headquarters. There is no place in Malibu where you can find more mirrors and pictures of Ryan.
Type House
Known Rooms Confessional Couch, Hot Tub (outside)
Inhabitants Ryan, Taffy's Puppies
Next to Casa de Teresa, The House of Nikki, othe homes
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The Ryan Mansion is the name of the mansion that Ryan and Taffy's puppies live in. It is located between Casa de Teresa and The House of Nikki. It is a googie style house, featuring a box design in hues of brown and white.

There are at least 3 stories in the mansion, and has a guitar-shaped pool in his backyard, located in an elliptical shaped area, which also has a diving board and a palm tree in it.


Hot Tub

Ryan's Hot Tub.png

Ryan's hot tub is outside and is seen in Plethora Of Puppies and Accidentally on Porpoise. It is a white plastic hot tub on the ground. It has a red wall behind it, a potted plant on the left side, and a red deck chair on the right. It is near his pool and is next to his house.

Confessional Couch

Ryan's Couch.png

Ryan's confessional couch is a modern black leather two-person sofa, identical to the ones Ken and Nikki have. In the background is a white background with red intersecting stripes. To the right are two zig-zaggy shelves with CDs (probably his own albums) on them. To the right is also one of his blue guitars leaning against the wall. To the left is one of his cardboard cutouts.

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