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The Ryan Shop
Official Description When Raquelle set out to create a boutique to rival The Barbie Boutique, she spied on Barbie in order to copy it. But, as hard as she tries, she is always one step behind her fab-tastic competitor. Still, she has one thing no one else has -- Ryan-abilia!
Type Clothing store
Merchandise Ryan-abilia
Employees Ryan and Raquelle
Located At The Mall
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The Ryan Shop (formely known as The Raquelle Boutique) is a store at The Mall. It has so far only showed up in The Barbie Boutique.


The shop was originally created by Raquelle after seeing that Barbie was making a boutique. She sent Ryan to fill her store with "stuff girls find irresistible", while she formulated a business plan and conducted market research (AKA "spy on Barbie"). Ryan did his job, filling up her store with lots of stuff featuring himself, much to Raquelle's annoyance. It has an "official me-brand picnic hamper", some guitars that look exactly like Ryan's, Ryan's outfits, a TV playing Ryan's music video, his cardboard cutouts, and some huge murals of himself.





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