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The Shrinkerator
Season 2, Episode 4
Episode 18 Overall
Upload Date November 1, 2012
Synopsis Barbie discovers what it's like to be literally doll-sized when Ken accidentally shrinks her with one of his inventions.
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The Shrinkerator is the fourth episode of the second season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Raquelle and Barbie are accidentally shrunken down to doll-size after an incident with one of Ken's inventions.


In the episode, Ken invents a Shrinkerator to shrink the massive pile full of awards that Barbie has won, so she can fit them all in her cupboard. Raquelle has a pair of Barbie's shoes that are slightly too small. She wants to try and shrink her feet slightly to fit them, and as she fires the Shrinkerator, Barbie grabs her to stop her. They are both shrunken and have to drive around in Barbie's Car to avoid Blissa. They find themselves in Chelsea's doll house, and the shoe machine. Ken has to change the Shrinkerator to make them big again. After he does, Raquelle runs up to hug him but accidentally zaps herself with the Biggerator, becoming gigantic.


Ken: "Check it out! The Shrinkerator!"

Raquelle: "Hey! A little spritz with that, and I'll fit in these cute kicks!"

Barbie: "Hey Blissa! Good girl..."

Barbie: "Raquelle! This isn't the Dreamhouse... It's Chelsea's doll house!"

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  • Raquelle has bigger feet than Barbie has.
  • This episode has several parodies to the film Jurassic Park
    • After being shrunk, Barbie & Raquelle look at the rippling water in Blissa's water dish when they hear and feel the earth shaking. This is parodying the ripples in the glass of water, which serves as the signal to the T-Rex's approach
    • Barbie looking in the rear view mirror when Blissa chases her parodies the car chase
    • When the girls are trapped in Chelsea's dollhouse, they hear footsteps again as Chelsea enters and pretend they're dolls by standing still. This is a parody of Grant and Lex standing still to avoid the T-Rex because its vision is based on movement.
  • In the episode Plethora Of Puppies, Ken says that he faints when he is around anything adorable. However, when he sees Barbie and calls her "adorable", he doesn't faint.
  • He-Man, the main character of the Masters of the Universe franchise by Mattel, makes a cameo in this episode as one of Chelsea's toys.
  • This movie is a homage to (Film).

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