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(Opening Theme)

Nikki: You sure this is a good idea? (They heard a loud thud as Ken appears)
Ken: M'lady. Your new closet awaits.

Barbie and her friends run into the closet

Closet: Barbie. Barbie. Your dimwitted male companion has been making unauthorized modifications to your wardrobe environment.
Ken: Give it a rest. "Circuit-head".
Barbie: It's okay, Closet. I authorized the upgrades.
Closet: You what?! He could not build his way out of a paper bag. (puts paper bag to Ken's head)
Ken: I built you.

In Confessional Couch

Closet: I cannot believe that this plastic-headed moron is my creator. It is so embarrassing.
Ken: (from distance) Closet! Did you defrag your hard drive?
Closet: In a minute!

Back in the closet

Ken: Barbie, how many hours a day do you spend deciding what to wear?
Closet: Barbie averages 3.25 hours per day.
Barbie: Hmm. I've actually lost 17 doll-years because of it. (Midge, Teresa and Nikki counting how many doll years)
Ken: Well, no more! I present to you, the matchin' fashion machine. (Barbie went to the machine and Ken started the machine. The machine matched Barbie's clothes)
Barbie: Perfect.
Teresa: Ohh.
Nikki: Awesome.
Midge: Aww.
Closet: I could have pulled that ensemble out of my USB port.
Ken: Next up, the mood matrix. (Barbie steps into the mood matrix) This baby determines your mood and chances the color of your outfit to match. (Barbie's outfit turned into pink)
Closet: Who has ever heard of a pink mood?
Barbie: I'm always in a pink mood.

Ken smiles at Closet and walks away as Closet stares at Ken angrily

Ken: And, finally, the piece de la resistance. Ta-da! (he shows a vending machine and cranks the lever) Imagine having all your accessories at the press of a button. (puts a dollar in the machine and presses a button. Barbie's purse went out of the machine)
Midge: Whoo-hoo!
Barbie: I love it! (hugs Ken) You've done it again!
Nikki: Oh, no, you didn't! (Closet went away suspiciously, Nikki was at the matchin' fashion machine) Socks with sandals, holiday sweaters, and sweatbands? Look at me!
Teresa: Nooooo! (Teresa wears plaid with stripes) The horror!
Ken: It was working just fine in a minute ago.
Midge: You dollar-eating dollar-eater-ator. Give. Me. That. Purse!
Ken: Here, Midge. Let me help you. (Ken puts dollar in machine and presses a button button but the purse is stuck as he pressed the button a lot of times) Why you! (punches the machine) I'm sorry, Barbie. I ruined your closet. And even worse, I've lost my last dollar in this thing.
Midge/Nikki/Teresa: (overlapping shouting)
Barbie: It's okay. You'll be okay.

Taffy smells something, runs off and opens the curtains. Behind the curtains was Closet controlling all the machines

Closet: Ha. Ha. Ha. Shoo, shoo. Canine. Pay no attention to the robot behind the curtain.
Barbie: What in the world? (runs over to Closet) Closet, what is the meaning of this?
Closet: I-- He-- You-- (cries) I am so sorry, Barbie. I was threatened by Ken's brilliant modifications.
Barbie: Oh, Closet. There's room for both of you in my life. Now, don't you have something to say to Ken?
Closet: I'm sorry, father. Ken! I mean Ken.
Ken: I guess I forgive you. Hey! Who's up for sherbet?
All: Me! Me! Me!

They all went out for sherbet except Closet

Closet: Me! Me! Me! (notices everything is gone) Ohh... Hey, there, cutie. Do you know an IT specialist, because you're making my CPU malfunction.

Vending machine squirts out all the coins to Closet
(Closing Theme)

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